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Makeup Trends for Summer 2019

The summer season always brings joy. Vacations, beaches, picnics and more, the warm, sunny season brings out the joy in everyone. But for women, it brings a different kind of joy. It gives us a chance to try out the latest makeup trends. It nearly makes us sad to know that during summer, the most anticipated beauty product is sunscreen. But there’s a lot more to offer than just SPF. Most women shy away from makeup for fear of sweating off their gorgeous face. But don’t be discouraged. You can follow the latest makeup trends this summer without the fear of your makeup melting off because of sweat. So, here’s a few summer makeup trends you can follow and carry like a pro.

Rainbow on Your Eyes:


Why pick one color when you can put on multiple looking cool and picturesque? When we think about it, it sounds complicated, doesn’t it? You’ll be surprised, it is a lot easier than you think and inexpensive. Chose the shades of your choice, place them on the concentrated areas and blend with a fluffy brush.

Bold Eyeliner:

Every time we see someone owning brown and jet-black eyeliners, we feel that classic aura around that person, but who are we kidding, this trend is not going to go anywhere from fashion. Plus, this trend falls in your comfort zone because of your hair color and it is indeed true that this look goes with almost every dress color. This summer, allow yourself to put a bold statement out, trying vibrant violet or retro blue eyeliner. The good part is, your liner is going to get all the attention and you do not have to worry about a bold lip color.

Simple Yet Trendy:

Simple and inexpensive doesn’t mean you cannot make a statement with your look. Simplifying means, sticking to one or two tones, choosing shades which complement each other, like brown or pink nude colors. You can opt for light toned colors, working with two different shades on your eyes, cheeks and lips for a simple, yet emphasized natural look.

Amplify Your Natural Glow:

Sometimes you may run into those days where you don’t have time to put on full face of makeup or you just may not feel like it. We understand. As a solution, try letting your natural glow radiate! Using a light toned foundation will help boost the “prioritizing your skin over makeup” philosophy. By adding a couple of drops of oil to your foundation, and applying a light coat, you will definitely amplify your natural glow.

Jazz up the look:

For just $10, try Volume ON Mascara by Sephora Collection. A lot of girls wonder if they can pull off this look. But don’t worry, girl, of course you can! Fun things up little, try something new by adding a splash of color with your mascara. A colorful mascara will upgrade your selfie game and you won’t have to worry about sharing the attention with other areas of your face.

Sun Kissed:




Bronzer seems to be one of the looks this summer. Why not use it to your advantage? Apply it over the nose bridge, paired with a nice summer tan, and a brown-orangey blush on the cheeks. Add a peachy eyeshadow with a little induction of highlighter to form the perfect summer-day look.




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