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Helpful Tips You Should Know Before Going Natural

Natural Hair Series I


What to Know Before Going Natural

Hey ladies! Here is a simple step-by-step guide that will help you on your natural hair journey. Whether your contemplating on going natural or already decided and starting the process this guide will help you as a beginner from knowing what to expect before you go natural, maintaining your hair in the transition process and knowing how to deal with your hair after you’ve transitioned.


So you’ve decided to go natural…great!

There is a ton of freedom when it comes to natural hair. However, there is/can be a lot of work and challenges when it comes to maintaining your natural hair. And I would rather tell you the truth than to have you to believe that natural hair is all sunshine and rainbows (although it can on a good day). With that said here is a brief list of what to expect before you decide to fully commit to the decision of going natural:

1.More Maintenance. When you have a perm there isn’t a lot required when it comes to maintaining your hair. Sure, you will have to keep it washed a pressed weekly or bi-weekly (depending on your needs and/or preference) however, outside of your bi-weekly visits to the salon or doing it yourself, there’s no more or less required. When you are natural you will have to start a completely different regime to maintain your hair. Why? Because, firstly, your hair will require A LOT more moisture than what your relaxed hair was accustomed to. Curly hair is prone to more dryness than straight hair, which means you have to do twice the work to maintain that moisture, throughout the week. Let’s put it this way…if you wash your hair on a Sunday, condition, and style it, chances are by Wednesday your hair will need a pick-me-up (i.e. Co-wash. Washing with a conditioner instead of shampoo) which means you will be spending some TLC with it to restore and maintain it, that is, if you want it to remain healthy and intact.


2.Patience ( A Lot of It). Which bring me to my next point…patience. You see, wash days for your hair could mean the difference between 1-3 hours (not kidding). The reason for this could be a factor of a couple of things. It could be a day where you have to do a deep condition, a protein treatment, a hot oil treatment or a combination of all 3 depending on your need and your required regime for maintaining healthy hair. Each process can take 30-45 minutes (again, depending on you) and that doesn’t’ include the time it takes to wash and detangle your hair (which if you avoid detangling for a certain length of time, it may take that much longer to work through your hair). It also will depend on your hair’s length and thickness. Therefore, the ideal time that you’d spend in the hair salon bi-weekly or even the time you’d spend at home on your hair if it’s relaxed compared to the time you spend when it’s natural will increase.


3.Trial and Error. Finally, being natural means trial and error. In the first few months or longer more or less if you happen to luck up upon those holy grail products) you will spend money and time (and hopefully a great deal of research) on finding products and a regimen that works for your hair. Because curly/kinky hair is so complex and different, what works for one person’s hair may not work for yours. That means that some of you will be able to do wash n go’s and others will experience wash and no’s. Your hair may require more use of a product will others may not require as much. Trial and Error period is really a bitter/sweet period to be in because although it does require patience and time it can be fun to experiment and try new things along the way.

For my naturals out there, what other advice can you give to anyone that may be contemplating going natural?

For those who are going natural or are still thinking about it, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below!!

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