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9 Inexpensive Hair Products for Natural Hair Beginners

Natural Hair Series III

Finding the Right Products for Your Hair



Your transition is over, you’ve made it! Now what? The trial and error period begins. While you experience the ups and downs of being natural, it will be easy to want to give up and revert back to what you know (i.e. straightening your hair) because you’ll probably experience the phase of “not knowing what to do with your hair”. Trust us, we understand. But, fret not, because the following list will help you as a beginning guide to suggest products that are easy and affordable to find and use.




VO5 Shampoo/Conditioner.  These products are probably by far the most inexpensive products to find and use, not to mention they smell incredibly good and provide great moisture! Bonus: They also work well with detangling your hair, for those extra dry days! Depending on where you live and where you go, these products can range from $.50-2.00 a bottle. So don’t hesitate to stock up!

Sauvé’s Naturals Shampoo/Conditioner. Suave is also a great product for beginner’s as well as people who’ve been natural for a while. We recommend using the Natural’s shampoo and conditioner with Almond+ Shea Butter. Let’s just say, it works wonders! These products, especially the conditioner is thicker than vo5, so if you have thicker hair, or just like a thicker product in general, this is a great choice for you. You can find this at your local Family Dollar or just about any other general store for $5 or less for each product.

Aussie’s Shampoo/Conditioner. If you aren’t familiar with Aussie, get on board! Aussie has an awesome product line through and through. The great thing about Aussie is that they have specific conditioner’s for your specific needs, including their 3-minute miracle moist deep conditioner and 3-minute frizz control conditioner. Their deep conditioner is probably one of the least inexpensive conditioners on the market. Their products usually range from $2-$8 dollars a bottle and you can find them at Target, Walmart or possibly Family dollar. (Walgreens also sells it, but they’re usually more pricey)


Mane N’ Tail Shampoo/Conditioner. Mane N’ Tail is another excellent inexpensive product. Like vo5 and Sauve’  it has a great slippery consistency that’s great for detangling. The shampoo and conditioner also come in a big size bottle, so it’s sure to last a great while. You can find these products for roughly about $4-$6 a bottle, for the 32 oz bottles.


Tresemme’ Naturals. Tresemme’ has a great conditioner line in general, but if you want to stick with products for natural or curly hair, this is a great choice as well.



Styling Products:  

Eco Styler Gel. Eco Styler is a very popular and inexpensive product for those with natural hair. It is great for defining your curls, adding moisture and shine and it doesn’t weigh down your hair leaving you with volume, definition and minimal to no frizziness. There are several different kinds of eco styler gel, but one of our favorites is argan oil. You can find Eco Styler for $2-$4 at your local beauty supply store or general store (Dollar Store, Target, Walmart, etc.).


Softee African Shea Butter. This goes great with Eco Styler gel or any other styling product of your choice. It provides amazing shine, makes your hair soft and manageable and adds great definition to your curls. You can find this at Family Dollar for only $2-$3!


Leave-In Conditioners:  

Crème of Nature. Crème of Nature has a great leave-in conditioner that works great with moisturizing your curls! Crème of Nature’s Mango and Shea butter’s leave-in conditioner smells great and has a nice semi-thick and slippery consistency that is sure to leave your hair feeling soft and moisturized. You can find this for about $2-$4 dollars at the beauty supply store or just about any other general store.


Mane N’ Tail. The great thing about Mane N’ Tail conditioner is that it doubles as a wash-out and leave-in conditioner! Talk about killing two birds with one stone!


Keep in mind that there are a lot of products on the market and that these are just suggested products. Also, keep in mind that it is okay to do further research on other products that you might be interested in and try them out. Our general rule of thumb for finding out products is either through site reviews (Amazon, Walmart, etc.) or just reading the label and trying it out. There is no right or wrong, only trial, and error. Remember to have fun and don’t get discouraged in the process.

Another thing to note is that the transitioning styles (braid/twist out, etc.) as previously mentioned in part II can still be used as a hair style of choice while natural. You can also try a wash n’ go with some of the mentioned products or other products that you find.

Here are some different wash n’ go videos to help you out:






For all you other naturals out there, what products do you use and why? Let us know in the comments below!



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