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Great transitioning hairstyles for beginner natural hair

Natural Hair Series II


What To Do With Your Hair While You’re Transitioning

If you’re reading this that means you have indeed decided to start or have already started the transition from relaxed to natural hair. Great! But while you’re waiting, what should you do with your hair? There are different options that you can do with your hair while you transition. Here are a few options to help you decide:

1.To Big Chop or not to Big Chop?  When it comes to transitioning, it’s a new process that you’re embarking on. For some of you, you may be meeting your natural hair for the first time, while for others you may be becoming reacquainted. Nevertheless, while on this new journey you may find that you want to start over fresh and new with your hair. Thus, the big chop may be an option for you. Big chop simply means that you “chop”, cut or shave the majority or all of your hair and regrow it out in its natural state. Although this is completely optional and not at all required in order to become natural, it is a great option for those who may not want to wait to see the transition, or for those who just want something new and different.


 2. Protective/low maintenance Styles. Protective styles are styles that well…protect the hair! Protective styles can be braids, twists, wigs, weaves, etc. You can also maintain your own hair by doing braid outs (putting your hair in plats and taking them out within 24 hours) or twist outs (doing two strand twist and taking them out in 24 hours), especially if your hair is starting to curl in parts, but still has stringy pieces or ends. And on those lazy days, you can opt for a nice top/ low cute bun!

So how long does it take to transition?

Well, I know this may sound redundant but, it depends. It can take anywhere from less than a year or a little more (that is if you’re not doing a big chop). No matter how long it takes to grow out your hair, it just takes time and patience. Have fun with the process and learn to get creative. Use this time to learn more about your hair and doing your hair. Don’t be afraid to try or learn new things, because even after you go natural you still will have new things to learn and try as your hair grows and changes overtime.

If you guys are interested in learning how to do some of the styles that we mentioned above, click the links below to see some examples:

Big Chop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_Jha9dfe44&t=290s

Braid Out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDdYFZD6aY4

Twist Out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54-wN5kOG9U

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